Requirements to serve excellence

Team spirit, transparency and customer satisfaction… A human-sized company, it cultivates values which are shared by its employees. These founding principles constitute the basis of its activity and ensure a durable quality procedure.

“Our strength? The ability to mobilize our forces to meet your requirements!”
The group’s business policy promotes teamwork and is designed on a human scale. The group’s employees work together to achieve a common goal — excellence. To help them meet their objectives, Pharmacos has developed a proximity organization and management. Dialog, mutual aid and skills enhancement included!

“Guarantee of performance and respect”

Transparency is definitely one of the key values of our group culture and this is the basis of internal and external organization. Pharmacos employees provide advice and assistance for their customers, guaranteeing objective analysis and the maintenance of healthy relations.

“Our best publicity? To know that you are satisfied and hear you say it!”
It’s not by accident that Pharmacos builds durable partnerships. Apart from the pertinence of its global solutions, the company keeps its customers at the center of its concerns. It respects a detailed policy of commitment and satisfaction, whose requirements form the core of its strategy and organization. High-end professional expertise, a sense of service, multidisciplinarity and proximity are the pillars of its activity.