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Why co-opt at PHARMACOS?

This month, we are celebrating our 1st co-optation, a real alternative to “traditional” recruitment. This is an opportunity for us to tell you more about it!

Co-optation: what is it?


In concrete terms, employees of a company can recommend potential candidates from their network (friends, former colleagues, former students from the same school, etc.) for an available position within their company.

Co-option is therefore a recruitment method in which several parties actively participate:

  • The company
  • The co-opter: the employee who recommends a candidate
  • The co-optee: the candidate recommended by the co-opter

It is largely possible thanks to social networks, allowing you to develop and maintain your professional network efficiently.

It is also known as sponsorship or participatory recruitment.

Offering many advantages, it is an increasingly common practice. According to the Top Employers Institute’s 2020 report, 73% of “top employers” in France use co-optation, that is, 13 points more in 1 year.


The advantages of co-optation


Recruitment today is for any company a real investment in terms of time and money.  Co-optation offers many advantages for both the company and the co-opter.

A guarantee of quality and involvement: as the co-opter is an employee and co-optation is an act of involvement, the co-opter will not recommend a profile solely out of affection. It will be an opportunity for him or her to become involved in the development of his or her business.

Obtaining more targeted candidates: the co-opter is familiar with the co-opted person’s background and skills.

Furthermore, a reduction in turnover has been observed among staff recruited through co-optation. Often, the fact of knowing someone within the company makes it easier to integrate and take up a position.

Among the main advantages, co-optation also allows the company to broaden its sourcing and to get closer to “passive” candidates, who want to develop but do not necessarily respond to job offers.


Focus on co-optation at PHARMACOS


Recruitment is one of the pillars of Pharmacos! The consulting and engineering sector is highly competitive. We therefore feel it is important to involve our employees in this process.

Co-optation is therefore an advantage for us when recruiting new talent in the following professions: Engineering, Qualification and Validation, Process, Clean Room Utilities, Processes, Operational Quality…

At Pharmacos, we trust our consultants! This is why co-optation is associated with a financial reward, with a bonus paid for each successful co-optation at the end of the co-opted person’s trial period.

To this end, employees are regularly informed of vacancies, either at internal meetings or in monthly newsletters.

This month, Jessy was confirmed at the end of its trial period and thus becomes the first co-opted employee at Pharmacos thanks to Geoffrey! A second co-optation is already underway and we hope for many more!


If you would like to join us, go to our jobs page:


February 2021


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