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Let’s join forces and talents to achieve exciting projects in biotech and pharma!

At Pharmacos, we are convinced that the development of the company depends on the professional development of each employee. The management and managers are therefore committed to creating the conditions for shared success.


Recruitment process – “candidate-centred”

At Pharmacos, we are committed toproviding you with the best candidate experience: the process is carried out in a number of stages, centred on listening to you and talking to HR and managers about your expectations, to ensure that we make you the best offer.

Opportunities for the youth !

Convinced of the richness that “new generations” bring to us, every year we accompany young people on apprenticeships, VIE (International corporate volunteering), and operational internships, working in pairs with our consultants at our clients’ sites. 85% of our interns/apprentices/VIEs have joined the company following their course!

The VIE: a great opportunity to go to Belgium and work for large laboratories!

IMT: a long-standing partner! Since September 2019, the IMT Group and ESITech have been offering the new Bioproduction” option of the Life Technologies engineering course, an innovative educational experience Indeed, the future engineers mobilize all the skills acquired during their training during a module entitled “Designing and bringing pharmaceutical bioproduction facilities up to standard“. Pharmacos was pleased to design this module in the form of a practical exercise followed by theoretical lessons. The exercise was designed as a transversal project for the conception and upgrading of pharmaceutical biomanufacturing premises in the context of a production transfer. On the agenda for Pharmacos: to prepare, send, receive and correct the students’ work!

Successful integration!

At Pharmacos, we know that the first few weeks are crucial to the success of our collaboration!

The desire to help you grow with us:

Annual professional interviews allow us to monitor your skills needs and implement professional development actions to boost your career within a growing SME.

Various development opportunities are available to you:

We offer career paths towards professions such as Business Engineering, Operational Management and Recruitement. Our different agencies also allow us to consider mobility, both geographically in France and in Europe, and in our “professions” with our modes of intervention: Technical Assistance (TA), Service Centre and Fixed price.

The Engineering, Process, Clinical Research and Quality professions are accessible in both fixed price and Technical Assistance modes. Gateways are possible!

We are proud to have employees who have been with the company for over 10 years!

A voluntary and transparent wage policy

Based on a structured pay scale, a company profit-sharing agreement, and salary recognition.

Real proximity

At Pharmacos, the managers are above all operational personnel, trained in the fundamentals of team leadership, and who supervise our employees in the field: weekly/monthly follow-ups, meetings and team meals punctuate the exchanges.

The accessibility and availability of branch managers, management and support functions is a real asset!

Missions that are 100% exciting!

⇒ Pharmacos offers you diversified and rewarding technical and human projects for the construction of your professional development within the major groups of the Life Sciences sectors.

Long-term contracts

88.47% of permanent contracts over the last 3 years.

Multi-skilled teams

The diversity of profiles within the teams fosters the sharing of experiences and the support of the youngest by the most experienced: internal training, technical references…

What’s the bonus at Pharmacos?
The conviviality!

What do you appreciate most about Pharmacos? The conviviality! Which goes hand in hand with the feeling of belonging, trust, team spirit, and consideration… the employees who say so…: 2 team building events per year but not only that, team meals, after-work activities, challenges…

Optimized intermission

Time between 2 missions? The opportunity to contribute to the life of Pharmacos on transversal subjects: management of fitting-out work, updating of the quality system, creation of training modules, updating of communication supports…


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Z.A.C. de Sacuny
440 rue Barthélémy Thimonnier
69530 Brignais – France

Tel. +33 (0)4 37 57 78 78


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